Hi, I'm Dionisis.

I'm a travel and art photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I've been practicing photography for the best part of a decade, after I got into hiking and mountaineering and wanted to share the great outdoors with my friends and family who would stubbornly adhere to the relative safety of the nearest pub! Ironic as life often is, I've come to see the city in a new light through my viewfinder, and am inspired by people and the built environment as much as I am by sublime landscapes. My travels expose me to an equal share of each, as you'll see in my site.

Artistically, I use my camera to capture and re-interpret the immediate environment as I found it. I rarely interfere and prefer to remain out of sight. I don't blindly photocopy reality; I will use exclusion - or inclusion - to draw attention to an overlooked detail, seek a new point of view, and express what it is that I found visually interesting and exciting.

My landscapes often combine the natural and the built environment, which are mostly in competition with each other for most of the time. However, when the first light of day comes into view, or the last light leaves the evening sky, just for a few moments at the edge of the day, they are in harmony.

Of course I'm not a stranger to using a bunch of lights to creative effect - like in my self portrait on this page. Oh by the way... I'm an artist, that's not MY car!